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Engine Company 6 Runs 2 Working Fires In The Village Of Solvay

2/9/21 | Signal 99- Solvay House Fires (Charles Ave & Center St.)|

This morning, at 01:09 hours, Taunton Engine 6 was activated for a possible fire in the Solvay Fire district. Engine 6 (Forman Duck), with a full crew, along with C

ar 1 (Chief Phelan) & Car 3 (A/C Klimek) responded. Incoming units were updated by police on scene that there was smoke showing and “fire in the floor.” Solvay Engine 11 arrived first due, reporting fire showing from the 2nd floor. The working fire notification (“99”) was declared shortly thereafter. Taunton Engine 6 arrived 2nd due and assumed the R.I.T. assignment. Taunton units operated on scene for less than an hour and returned to service. Upon returning to the firehouse, Taunton stood by for Solvay while they remained on scene.

At 05:34 hours, Taunton Engine 6 was activated for another possible house fire in the Solvay Fire district. Initial caller reported that the house was on fire and that there were people trapped inside. Police were first to arrive and reported heavy smoke showing and confirmed multiple people trapped on the second floor. Upon receiving this information, Solvay Car 2 struck the working fire notification (“99”). Taunton Engine 6 (FF. Harrington), with a full crew, along with Car 1 (Chief Phelan) & Car 2 (A/C Amidon) responded. Upon arrival, Engine 6’s crew assumed the R.I.T. assignment. The first arriving crew (Solvay Engine 11) rescued 1 occupant from the second story by throwing a ground ladder. Taunton’s crew worked on scene for roughly an hour before returning to service.

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