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April 19th at 8:51hrs, Taunton Engine 6, along with mutual aid companies, were activated for a possible Residential Fire in the Onondaga Hill Fire District. Initial calls reported smoke in a residence. Taunton Engine 6 (FF Martin) and Car 1 (Chief Phelan) responded. Incoming units were updated that multiple callers reported heavy smoke from the apartment. Onondaga Hill Car 2 arrived and reported heavy smoke and fire from a 2 story apartment, declaring a signal 99. Soon after, the 99 was upgraded to a second alarm. Taunton Engine 6 arrived and secured its own water supply, feeding Onondaga Hill Engine 3. Taunton’s crew split and took 2 handlines into the fire building, making an aggressive interior attack. Taunton also assisted in completing secondary searches, and overhaul operations in more than 3 different units. The fire was called under control after approximately 50 minutes.

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