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Chief, Engine and Ladder Run South Onondaga Barn Fire

6/22/20 a

t approximately 02:33 hours, Taunton volunteers were alerted to a possible Barn Fire in the South Onondaga Fire District. The initial alarm called for an Engine from Taunton. At 02:38 hours, the arriving chief on scene confirmed a working barn fire and “99’d” the alarm. The 99 added Taunton Ladder 5 to the call, as well as started a tanker box for water supply. Taunton Ladder 5 (LT. Martin) and Taunton Engine 4 (Chief Klimek) both responded. Ladder 5 was brought directly into the scene for suppression while Engine 4 was directed to the fill site. Taunton Car 1 (Chief Phelan) also responded to the scene. Units operated at the incident for roughly 2 hours before the fire was deemed under control. The fire is currently under investigation.

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