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Engine Company Runs 2 Early Morning Fires

July 20th,

2020 at 00:37 this morning, Taunton was activated for a move up company to stand by at Liverpool Station 1. Liverpool was operating at a Garden Style Apartment Fire in their first due along with multiple other mutual aid companies. Taunton Engine 6 (LT. Martin), with Cars 1 (Chief Phelan) & 3 (Chief Klimek) marked enroute and were quickly re-routed to the scene to act as second RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). Engine 6 and the Chiefs arrived and acted as RIT for roughly 2 and a half hours. Taunton units were relocated from the fire scene and requested to stand by back at Liverpool Station 1.

At 03:26 hours, while standing by at Liverpool Station 1, Seneca River Engine 1 alerted Fire Control of a working house fire across the street from their firehouse. Taunton Engine 6, with both Chiefs, immediately marked enroute. Engine 6 arrived 2nd due, behind Seneca River’s engine and deployed 2 handlines. The Engine’s crew worked suppression efforts while Car 1 took the interior operations. Engine 6’s crew and both Chiefs operated on scene for approximately 2 and a half hours.

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