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Extrication To Start The Morning

12/6 at 05:23 - Car 1, Engine 6 and Rescue 1 responded to a motor vehicle accident at Howlett Hill Rd and Copperfield Rd. The single vehicle had gone off the road hitting 2 utility poles, damaging a fire hydrant before hitting a tree head on. 2 individuals were self extricated with a third patient trapped in the back seat requiring extrication from the vehicle. All 3 patients were transported with minor injuries by AMR.

At 10:08 Taunton was requested mutual aid to Onondaga Hill for a motor vehicle accident roll over in the 4900blk of Onondaga Rd. Car 1, engine 6 and rescue 1 responded. Taunton units were first arriving and handled patient care to the occupant who was self extricated upon arrival.

On top of these 2 alarms, volunteers responded to a fire alarm along with a reported residential fire in the Solvay fire district which was found to be a small fire on the porch.

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