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Garage Fire In The First Due

4/28/24 at 20:33 hours this evening, Taunton and mutual aid units were dispatched to a reported Residential Fire in the “upper district.” The initial 911 caller reported that there was a fire in the attic with smoke in the house. Taunton Car 1 (Chief Phelan) responded and arrived with OCSO who reported smoke in the house. Taunton Engine 4 (LT. M. Duck), Ladder 5 (LT. Hind), Rescue 1 (FF. Messina), and M1 (FF. R. Smith) responded, along with the balance of the alarm. Units on scene stretched a line from Fairmount Truck 1 and suppressed the fire in the attic. Solvay Engine 11 secured utilities and Lakeside Engine 1 handled the RIT assignment. Onondaga Hill stood by on their floor to cover in-district Taunton calls for the duration of the incident. The fire was called “under control” around the 20 minute timer and salvage and overhaul operations were completed. The scene was turned over to to OCSO and the FIU (Fire Investigation Unit).

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