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Well Involved Structure In Onondaga Hill

5/29/23 at 19:28 hours, Taunton was activated for an Engine to respond to the Onondaga Hill Fire District for a reported Residential Fire. Numerous calls reported a “House on Fire” and upon the arrival of South Onondaga Car 2, a “99” was transmitting for heavy fire throughout. Engine 4 (FF Duck) handled the assignment with Cars 1 (Chief Phelan), 4 (Chief Harris), and 5 (LT. Taylor). Engine 4 operated at the relay pumper for tanker and hydrant operations while the crew assisted in fire suppression and extensive overhaul.

At 01:09 hours this morning, Taunton was requested back to the scene for manpower and overhaul. Engine 4 (LT. Martin) and Car 5 (LT. Taylor) handled the assignment.

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