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Engine, Chief and Deputy Chief Respond To OCC Dorm Fire

2/9/23 at 14:36 hours this afternoon, Taunton was activated for a fire alarm at OCC Dorm C in the Onondaga Hill Fire District. Engine 94 (LT. Taylor), staffed in quarters, responded at the time of dispatch. Units were updated of a smoke condition on 2 floors of the dorm. Engine 94 arrived and stretched a handline to the 2nd floor where a minor bathroom fire was located. The fire was extinguished with the help of the sprinkler system, and confined to the bathroom on the 2nd floor. Taunton Car 1 (Chief Phelan) had the Interior Operations while Taunton Car 2 (Chief Amidon) took Command. Units operated on scene for approximately 2 and half hours before returning to service.

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